Apr 21, 2008

Me, My bike and 10,000 kms

Rs.72000/- ….. 150CC….270kgs… Ebony Black…. Bajaj Pulsar DTSi…. AP9 BH 6466. Thatz my first possession. Proudly celebrated itz first birthday on April 11th 2008. Coincidentally, I travelled 10,000kms on my bike.

It was kind of a mixed journey with two minor accidents and more than two signal jumpings :-). All this happened to be in Hyderabad. Therz a hard and fast rule with Hyderabad Traffic Police. Wear Helmet and they never check whether u have a license or don’t even bother if u robbed the bike. But…. but….but… this rule doesn’t apply in month endings :-). Though u wear a helmet and have all the papers, they’ll check for some or other violation of rule. A stylish number plate, half painted headlight, no rear view mirrors.. can be anything.. If nothing works finally they decide that itz a ‘No Parking’ zone and write a receipt for that. Hmmm…very strict.

It was my dream to have my own bike. Yamaha YBX was my first love. But when I saw Pulsar I decided to get that beast. I call it a beast coz in no way it suits my physique. Anyways, finally when I felt I’m sound enough to buy bike, I just went to the showroom , completed the formalities and got the keys in my hand. But I swear, I was really afraid when I thought of Hyderabad Traffic. Thanks to Moinu who helped me in getting used to the bike and to the traffic.

In this one year I became more n more comfortable with my bike, touched a maximum speed of 92 KMPH. Four galz got on my bike… two of them got married :-( . But my bike is still waiting for the gal who really matters the most..pcch..poor bike :-(.

“How hard can you play when no one is watching”(Sunil's quote). This has nothing to do with this post. Just felt like finishing the post with a nice quote.